The Others are a dark army from very very very very very very very far far far far far far far far North of the Wall with the most imaginative name EVAR! More myth than real to the modern peoples of Westeros, the Others have returned for the first time in 8000 years to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!! And yet all the guys in the Seven Kingdoms are too busy with other shit to care about the fact that WINTER IS COMING.


Night King

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Powers and abilities


  • Power of Friendship: The Others always stick together, and they always fight as one army.
  • Teleportation: Best transcontinental ticket to get back home.


  • Zombification: The Others can raise the dead into zombies and add them to their army.


  • Plot Armor: Besides the three weaknesses listed below, nothing can harm these guys.


  • Archnemesis: Jon Snow.
  • Obsidian: For some reason, the Others are vulnerable to obsidian spearheads forged by cavemen in the Stone Age, of all things.
  • Valyrian Steel: Valyrian Steel will slay any and all evil, because magic. The Others are no exception.

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