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The Master is an evil Chronogod from the planet Gallifray who aspires to conquer and rule all of existence. He travels through time in an RV. He is the sworn mortal enemy of the Doctor.


Can I Play With Madness?

First Conquest Attempts

Ugly Face

The Deadly Assassin

Master ugly

The Master's ugly face.


Master kills Tremas

The Master steals Lord Tremas's face.

Lord Tremas

Sal Maroni

Turn of the Millennium

The master sal maroni

The Master on his first day with Sal Maroni's face, New Year's Eve 1999.

Gothom City Crime Career

The King

Harold Saxon

Slowly taking over Earth


The Master during his brief reign as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 2005-2008.


Current whereabouts

Following his return to Gallifray at the end, no one knows what has happened to the Master since then. Due to the 9th, 11th, and 12th faces of the Doctor uniting to change history and put Gallifray in an isolated location for safekeeping, the Master has since disappeared from the face of the multiverse.

Rumour has it that he now occasionally gets into dick measuring contests with Professor Zoom and Q on who the douchiest Chronogod is. That’s the only word we have on him.

He is not to be confused with Missy, who is actually the new face of the Rani.

Powers and abilities


  • Stubbornness: He was able to last long enough with that decaying Ugly Face.


  • Regeneration: Like any Chronogod, the Master often steals people's faces whenever he's about to die, but he has often stolen too many (often going over the limit).


  • Laser: The Master fires his Laser to age other people rapidly.
  • Tardis: Like the Doctor's Phone Box, the Master has his own time machine: an RV.
  • Shrink Ray: The Master typically uses his shrink ray to kill people.

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