―The Flash

The Flash AKA Beary Allen is a spin-off character from The Big Bang Theory and is the fastest Chronogod of the present time period.



Flash wasn't always fast, once he was a child who couldn't act. He spent his days running and getting the shit kicked out of him if he didn't. However, that all changed when Professor Zoom and a Flash from the future broke into his house and fought around his father, fighting so fast, they couldn't be seen, meaning that fight must've felt like three hours for them. Beary was brought away from the danger by Future Flash and Beary immediately starts to run back toward the danger, demonstrating how slow he is because by the time he gets back, someone had already called the police, they arrived, set up a crime scene, and arrested his father.


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Powers & Abilities


  • Speedster: Being a chronogod of the speedster variety means The Flash has a connection to the speed source and therefore has a bit of extra abilities that other Chronogods don't.
    • Super Speed: Flash is able to travel at lightning fast speeds, so much that lightning comes off him, but he just stops short of completely vaporizing himself.
    • Intangibility: Flash can vibrate his molecules so he can run through walls, but somehow he doesn't sink through the ground while doing so.
  • Chronogod: Being a chronogod, The Flash is given all the abilities that come with that heritage.
    • Time Travel: Being a chronogod, Flash is capable of traveling through time. Due to being a speedster, he is capable of doing so without a police box.
    • Regeneration: Like other Chronogods, Flash is able to heal himself and prolong his life by stealing someone's face. Flash has not demonstrated this power yet, but we're going to assume he has it.
    • Two Stomachs: As a chronogod, Flash can eat a crap load of crap and still be hungry.

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