More legendary than Jon Snow, Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, James Bond, and Frodo Baggins, though not as legendary as Superman and Captain Murica, it's the Doctor!

The Doctor is the GREATEST HERO EVAAAAARRRR!!!! He is a Chronogod, and like all Chronogods, he travels through time and space fucking around with history, but he does so with the intent on making the universe a better place. He travles throo time in a Phone Box, and he's got ths cool Sonic Screwdriver he uses to overcome all his challenjes. Like most Chronogods, he is from a planet called Gallifray.

List of faces

The Doctor has lived such a long life, it's WWWAAAAAAAAYYYYY TOOOOOO MUCH to put on one page. That's why EVERY face of the Doctor is getting his own page!!!


The Doctor always trusts his companions with helping him travel the universe. There are so many, we have a whole list of them.

The Name of the Doctor

The true name of the Doctor cannot be given because, "Spoilers!" If anyone were to find out his name it would mean the end of not only the universe, but also all of existence, including everyone and everything on this very wiki.


Nothing yet. Care to add?

Powers & Abilities



  • Regeneration: The Doctor has the power to live a long time by cheating death by face stealing. He has taken the face of 13 different people. Chronogods can face steal a maximum number of 12 times.


  • Tardis: The Doctor is possibly best known for his Phone Box that can travel thru time and is bigger on the inside. Normally though the people he shows this to are not terribly impressed by it, likely because they are used to seeing optical allusions of this capacity on a daily basis.
  • Sonic Screwdriver: The Doctor's trusty gadget that gives him the Power of the Plot.

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