The Daleks may seem like a bunch of trash can-shaped robots, but they are, in fact, Space Nazis. They are one of the evilest, most xenophobic, and most dangerous races in the entire universe, and pledge to wipe out all other life from it due to them being pissed that they can't go up stairs. They are infamous for their battle cry, "EXTERMINATE!"

Vendetta with the Doctor

If there is one thing in the entire universe the Daleks are afraid of, it's the Doctor. That's because he's the only one out there who stands a 100% chance at getting the Daleks' asses handed to them. No matter how many times they've faced him and tried to kill him, they always end up having their asses handed to them. Why the hell the Daleks continue to try to fight Doctor Who when it is certain they will always get their asses handed to them is anyone's guess.


Powers and abilities


  • Flight: The Daleks have had the power to fly since the late 80s.
  • Stubbornness: This reflects the entire Dalek race as a whole. Just when you think you've killed them all, they'll pop up again out of nowhere. This is why we also call them Space Cockroaches.


  • Death Ray: Insta-kill every Useless, Fleshy, Human Body.
  • Memorable Catchphrase: "EXTERMINATE!"
  • Plot Armor: Nothing can kill these guys unless the plot calls for it.
  • Suction Cup: To suck up your skin.


  • Archnemesis: Doctor Who and his companions are the only ones whose attacks are powerful enough to penetrate their Plot Armor.
  • Baseball bats: Don't EVER call Ace "small."
  • Getting shot in the eye.