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Step aside, Daenerys Targaryen, 'cuz Stannis the Mannis is the REAL heir to the Iron Throne!!! I mean, after his bro died, King Joffrey turned out to be one hell of a bastard, so the lineage falls to him. It all makes sense! HE's the one who deserves to be on the Iron Throne. After all, he IS the Second Coming of Azor Ahai (according to The Red Woman). He is the Chosen One!



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Stannis is the man who knows what shit's up in Westeros and knows what's best for the Seven Kingdoms. He's never afraid to say the truth as it is, no matter how ugly it may be. Don't misinterpret that as "having no honor," though. Stannis IS his own way. Also, Stannis cares very, very, very much about his family, and if you ever lay a hand on his daughter, HE WILL FUCKING DESTROY YOU.

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