―Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes is a Murican Ninja Warrior who was in the same class as Batman and Boba Fett. As such, he wears black, is a complete badass, is able to be loved by everyone despite never saying anything, and managed to be the best Zangief player in the world.



―Snake Eyes
White Murican In Tokyo

Young Snake Eyes.

Snake Eyes was once an orphan white Murican boy who was inexplicably in Tokyo. However, during his search for food, he stumbled across a ninja temple because we all know that Japan still has those. He begins raiding the kitchen, before he is confronted by Storm Shadow, who still lives in the dark ages since he believes that stealing a loaf of bread should be punishable by death. Snake Eyes fights off Storm Shadow with the skills he learned from being homeless, until the Hard Master intervenes, stopping the fight and adopting the boy that just broke into his home.

Kid Snake Eyes

Oh, we got a badass over here!

For shitz and giggles, Snake Eyes is given Storm Shadow as a sparring partner, who proceeds to beat the hell out of him every time and establish himself as the better fighter. However, Snake Eyes manages to score a single win, which apparently means that he's the better fighter. Then, after some shit that becomes much more confusing, thanks to the sequel, the Hard Master is killed and Snake Eyes swears a vow of silence, like you do when your adopted brother supposedly murders your adopted father. Then further down the line, Snake Eyes decided that showing his face was too much as well, so he decided to have that covered up at all times.

Nanobot War

Inciting Incident

―Snake Eyes

Some time later, Snake Eyes, being a MURICAN, was brought on to the G.I. Joe Program, where he had many adventures that we will never ever get to see. he was also given a special body armor that looks harder to maneuver in than a rubber batsuit cause best of the best tactical equipment!

However, Snake Eyes and friends receive notice of the plot and head out. Upon arrival, Snake Eyes jumps out of a helicopter and beheads several enemies while shooting them. He then sees Duke follow after the main villainess but decides not to go after her, opting to decapitate more nameless enemies instead.


Snake eyes prefers to speak through hand gestures, but isn't using sign language, so people around him just have to guess what he's saying. He appears very level headed and seems incapable of getting angry.

Powers & Abilities



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