Welcome to the WIKI!

This site is satire, so if you come across a page that upsets you, take it with an unhealthy helping of salt. While still trying to keep true to the facts, we are usually off the mark. Here, we shall satirize the extremes that fandom is always willing to take, however, there are some rules you should keep in mind.

Basic Site Rules

  • Everything here is in good fun, if something truley offends you, you should leave or report it to an administrator.
  • Please no racial, homophobic, sexist, or SJ slurs please. Be a pleasant asshole. Pleasant. This isn't tumblr, 4chan, twitter, facebook.... holy crap there's a lot of sites.
  • Please do not completely erase someone else's work unless it violates site rules. Discuss with the current editors of a page before erasing past efforts.
  • Absolutely NO pornography!
  • Please categorize properly!
  • Please no harassing other users!
  • Again, meant to have fun, NO STRAIGHT UP INSULTING another fandom! We are equal here. Here, each film is equally horrible.
  • Please, no fanfiction articles... ever. If you can't bottle all that up, please use a blog instead. AND MAKE IT LOOK PROFESSIONAL
  • If you're thinking about doing something, but you're not sure if it's okay and the rules don't state anything about it. Don't do it! Ask an admin first!
  • Please stay with the franchise categories that have been added. More franchises shall be added over time.
  • Do not use the "have fun" rule to break any of the other rules or to justify vandalizing pages.

Posting Rules


Please do not stray far from the facts. While this wiki is a satire that does put down inaccuracies from time to time, do not flat out make up stuff that realistically would never happen. If you wish to stray from the facts, stick to a misinterpreted form of the canon, do not flat out make up your own. Use incorrect conclusions that can be reached from following the canon. Using one of the styles is not mandatory, but kind of encouraged.


Please only use live action material as a source, meaning that the pages must be based on the movies or shows, not comic. As of now, we are strictly movies and live action tv. Please stick to the most recent iteration of certain content AKA reboots, unless you are writing with the History Buff Style. In the future, we may branch out to video games and anime, but as of now, we want to keep this a bit contained. Fictional sources only, please.


JUST BECAUSE WE STRAY FROM FACTS DOES NOT MEAN WE CAN STRAY FROM PROPER GRAMMAR AND SPELLING (Unless being used for comedic effect) When posting, please try to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. If you come across a page with errors, feel free to correct them, it's encouraged.