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Nobody else has had a life as tragic as Sansa Stark. She used to be the happiest, most precious, most beautiful little angel in all of Westeros. And what did she get in return? Years of endless cruelty. She may have been betrothed to the King of the Seven Kingdoms once, but he was also the Hipster King. She also had the Biggest Dumbass in Westeros for a husband, been violated on occasion, and lost most of her loved ones. And no, NONE of this is her fault! She was vulnerable—what could she do?

How can you not feel sorry for this poor unfortunate soul?

Powers and abilities


  • Black Hole of Negativity: For some reason, too much shit gravitates toward this poor, poor girl for her to simply have a magnet for shit. Nooooo.....her body contains a fucking BLACK HOLE that sucks up all the shit that is thrown her way. And she lives in the world that is full of shit that come in many shapes and forms.


  • Innocence: Being a nice person in the World of Ice and Fire will only get you severely punished. The nicer you are, the meaner the world is to you. For someone as nice and sweet as Sansa, she is the textbook example of this.
  • Useless, Fleshy, Human Body

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