"What would Vin Diesel do?!"

Raphael is cool, but crude. Has the most attitude on the team.


Early Life

Yung Raph

Yung Raph.

Raphael was once a human, but yadda yadda you know it's all the same on each page, they all have the same damn origin, the hell am I supposed to do? You want to know what these sentences were? They're on one of the other pages... Later, Raph and his brothers that are coincidentally totally related, found themselves in the sewers and were adopted by a human turned rat who decided to change his name because reasons, named Splinter. However, knowing that the outside world would be unkind, Splinter decided to teach Raph and his brothers how to beat people to death with Ninjitsu. And while people will complain about learning Ninjitsu from a book, people will continue to never question how they manage to find these traditional ninja weapons.

Ass Kicking at the Dock

Raph, who is out on the surface all by himself for whatever reason, comes across the Foot Clan's Black Ops division stealing some shit that doesn't impact the plot. Knowing that him interfering with their affairs will have an impact on the plot, Raph jumps in and somehow beats up the Foot with a bunch of storage containers. He then finishes his super stealthy activity by then tagging a storage container to let everyone know that he was there.

Ass Kicking at the Subway

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Powers & Abilities


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