Becoming Ghostbusters

Before anyone gave shit about him, Venkman was scientist at some University in New York, filling the role as the resident asshole professor that mothers warned their children about. One day, he is notified by his friend, Ray, that a ghost has been spotted in the library. When they get there, Venkman acts like an asshole and asks the only reasonable questions. Then when he, Ray, and Egon spot a ghost, he tries to act all smooth until the ghost tells him he's not her type, before scaring them all off with her monkey face.

Soon after, the trio is fired from the University, mostly due to Venkman's assholish behavior. The three then buy a fire house just because they think the poles are cool. Shortly after opening up for business, Venkman meets Dana, who tells him that there are ghosts in her kitchen cooking stuff and that she can't deal with them because she only knows how to kill aliens. Upon visiting her apartment, he finds nothing there and decides to take the opportunity to try to seduce Dana, knowing he'll win her over because his actor's name got top billing.

First Job

The trio are alerted to a potential mascot at a hotel and suit up. The three search for the ghost, leading to Venkman coming across their future mascot, who Ray had just royally pissed off, resulting in it sliming the hell out of Venkman. The three follow it into the ballroom, where Venkman demostrates his witchcraft on a table. The three then manage to capture the ghost after it floats in one place for far too long, placing it in a trap that conviently works perfectly fine on its first actual test. The Ghostbusters then instantly become celebrities, because that's how fame works.

To seduce the Possessed

With his new celebrity status, Peter tries once again to get into Dana's pants, this attempt appearing to be much more successful.

Peter arrives at Dana's apartment later to find her horny and possessed.


Venkman could give negative amounts of shits if it were possible. Venkman is very laid back and, like most people, doesn't want to do anything.

Powers & Abilities


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