"Ninja Kick the Damn Rabbit!"

Michelangelo is a party dude. He's one of a kind. And you know just where to find him when it's party time.


Early Life

Yung Mikey

Yung Mikey

Michelangelo was once a human, but he was killed and was reincarnated as a turtle because he was most likely a sinner during his life. As a turtle he was experimented on with experimental Mutagen. However, Mikey and his brothers that are coincidentally totally related, found themselves in the sewers and were adopted by a human turned rat who decided to change his name because reasons, named Splinter. However, knowing that the outside world would be unkind, Splinter decided to teach Mikey and his brothers how to beat people to death with Ninjitsu. And while people will complain about learning Ninjitsu from a book, people will continue to never question how they manage to find these traditional ninja weapons.

Meeting April O'Neil

"Look! Mikey's sleep walking! He's sleeping! And walking! He's totally innocent"

Years later, the turtles leave the lair because the foot was taking hostages and they kicked some serious butt, and there was this girl named April O'Neil who took their picture, but they took care of it.

Product placement breaks mikey

Mikey is broken down by Product Placement.

The turtles arrive back at their lair, where Splinter is waiting for them. Knowing that the turtles' excuses are full of shit, Splinter brings them to the HAUSHI! or however the fuck it's spelled. He's in the zone for the most part, but Splinter brings in product placement to break him down, causing him to spill the above. Mikey and his brothers are then ordered to bring April to the lair.


Mikey might either be mentally retarded or just high. Or both.

Powers & Abilities


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