Marvel is the most flawed flawless movie studio to date. Everyone loves their awesome and entertaining movies that have no everlasting impact on anything other than Hollywood. Housing many beloved characters that no one gave a shit about until recently. Also, the fandom's full of assholes


  • The one that still stands on its own as a standalone film.
  • The one you forgot about.
  • The one you wanted to forget about.
  • The one that really started the Marvel formula trend.
  • The Most Murican One.
  • The one that became the bane of all other Comic book Studios.
  • The one that pissed you off if you couldn't adjust your mindset.
  • The one that really should have been about Loki.
  • The Best Marvel Film.
  • Marvel's Star Wars.
  • The one that everyone thinks is overrated.
  • The one that proved Marvel can pull off almost anything.
  • The one that actually is overrated.
  • The Film with BADASS special effects....for about three scenes, the rest of the film is meh.
  • The one where the notion of "family" was more obvious than in a Fast & Furious movie.

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