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Littlefinger is an ambitious Machiavellian genius. Originating from House Baelish of the Fingers, Littlefinger started from the bottom now he’s here, at the top of Westerosi society. Living the dream, he is currently the Lord of the Vale; in addition, he was previously Master of Coin and has even run many brothels (opening himself up to tons of hot chicks). Most importantly, Littlefinger has been pulling many of the strings behind the scenes to shape the modern sociopolitical scene in the Seven Kingdoms. To put it short, Littlefinger is behind EVERYTHING!!!!!!

But then Bane killed him.


Littlefinger is the master schemer all other schemers strive to be, but are not. A double-faced man, he may seem charming and polite on the surface; in actuality, he is one manipulative and sociopathic sonuvabitch. Seeing politics as just a “game”, he is always out to cheat at this “game”, often using his risen status to influence the political and social spectrums of the Seven Kingdoms from behind the scenes for his own benefit and nothing else. Littlefinger also seems to have a creepy sexual preference for redheaded Stark women and big guys.

Powers & Abilities


  • Intelligence: Climbing to the top of society and manipulating everything from behind the scenes without getting caught requires having a big brain, doesn’t it?

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