"I know what you're thinking right now: of all the ways you'd like to kill me, but that would require you out thinking me. And no one, no thing, is smarter than the Kraang!"


Launching the Arc Capacitor

Years ago, Kraang was bored as hell. So for shits and giggles, he decided he wanted to enslave all of humanity, so he launched a portal device to Earth where it broke apart. Realizing that he majorly fucked up by launching his only one, Kraang realizes he'll need outside help if he wants his shit back.

The Deal

"Did I get a little tentacle mucus in your eye?"
―Kraang, saying easily one of the grossest things a kid's villain has ever said.
Kraang talks to Shredder

Kraang talks to Shredder.

Kraang uses whatever portal devices he has left, which apparently isn't good enough for him to do anything else with, to call in The Shredder. Kraang spends his first impression by telling Shredder how much better he is than him, smacking him around, and making it clear that he has been stalking him. Then after an impression like that, he immediately asks Shredder for help. He spills some exposition about his little Arc Capacitor dilemma and tells Shredder that he'll help him kill the Teenage Mutant Ninja need to get a shorter name Turtles. Shredder agrees and Kraang teleports him back to Earth while giving the audience further proof of just how incompetent he really is.

Fight Against the Turtles

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Kraang thinks he's all hot shit all the time because he's a giant smart as hell brain with a powerful robotic body and a world ending device. And like most pretentious douchebags, he refers to himself in the third person with "The" infront of it.

Powers & Abilities


  • Super-Intelligence: He says there's nothing smarter than him, and I don't expect him to lie, so it must be true.