"A paperclip can be a wondrous thing."
―Jack O'Neill

Jack O’Neill was the original team leader of SG-1, the legendary ‘Murican special ops Stargate team that spread peace, order, and freedom to the Galaxy and saved it from galactic domination at the hands of the Goold. He is also the greatest soldier in American history.


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Being the commander the greatest special ops team in U.S. military history, Jack is known to be very enthusiastic at his job. He is always inspiring his comrades to get the job done no matter what the odds are, and he often loves hearing aliens blab on about useless exposition. Quite often, he is also known to be very respectful when negotiating with other aliens and never speaks out of turn.

Powers & abilities


  • Power of the Plot: Jack is a veteran of SG-1. That means he can survive almost every single situation, no matter what.


  • P90: Always comes in handy.