is the greatest fucking planet in the Universe. It's like the Disneyland of the Universe. All the aliens either want to conquer it, steal it's shit, or just live on it, because it's so goddamn amazing. It's also the most important planet in existence too, for some reason.

Earth's reputation stretches beyond anything, as aliens who have never been near or heard of the planet before still refer to it as Earth and it's inhabitants as humans, because they somehow know what name its inhabitants call their own planet and their species.

Regardless of that, Earth as firmly established it's reputation in the universe as single-handedly the most DANGEROUS planet throughout time and space. People die everyday by the millions, fucking countries are blown the hell up, and the species inhabiting the planet have managed to lay waste to every single extra terrestrial threat that approaches it. As such, the world has been marked as certain death for anyone who tries to conquer it.

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