"Turtles fight with honor!"

Donatello does machines. A fellow, has a way with machines.


Early Life

Yung Donnie

Yung Donnie.

Donatello was once a human, but he was killed and was reincarnated as a turtle because he was probably a sinner during life. As a turtle he was experimented on with experimental Mutagen. However, Donnie and his turtle brothers that are totally related, found themselves in the sewers and were adopted by a human turned rat who decided to change his name because reasons, named Splinter. However, knowing that the outside world would be unkind, Splinter decided to teach Donnie and his brothers how to beat people to death with Ninjitsu. And while people will complain about learning Ninjitsu from a book, people will continue to never question how they manage to find these traditional ninja weapons.

The Movie that Might or Might Not Have its Existence Acknowledged

At some point, Donnie and his brothers meet April O'Neil, who is a reporter instead of a pornstar in this universe, and her Camera Man, Will Arnett. They also fight and defeat the Foot Clan and The, nothing with a lasting impact really does happen in that movie... This shit's on the other pages damnit.

Shredder's Escape

To be added


Donnie is an asshole because he licks the icing off of the poptarts every single morning and then has the audacity to put them back in the box.

Powers & Abilities


To be added

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