Doctor Who: the most legendary sci-fi franchise of all time!!!

It began as a TV show about a man called the Doctor, a Chronogod who travels all over space and time in a Phone Box, fucking around with history (though for the greater good, of course! After all, he IS the good guy, right?) and kicking evil aliens' asses. Usually, the Doctor has at least 1 companion who would help him out on his adventures.


Created by a guy named Sydney Newman, Doctor Who first aired the day after the JFK assassination (we're not fucking kidding). With the exception of a long hiatus from the 90s up to 2005, the show has been constantly on-air since then, with to date a total of 35 seasons, along with numerous one-off specials and even (during the 90s) a movie. Season 36 is set to air next year.


Like all science fiction shows, Doctor Who takes place in A Galaxy Far, Far Away where a bunch of weird creatures hang out and wreak havoc like they don't give a flying fuck about consequences.


The Doctor

The Doctor, the main character and namesake, is the greatest Chronogod who ever lived (don't let fans of the Flash or the T-800 tell you wrong). He is the ultimate badass who will save the day no matter what the odds. Like every Chronogod, the Doctor can cheat death by stealing other people's faces (such as another Chronogod or a Roman).


The Doctor has a revolving line of companions to serve as his trusty crew.

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