―Dark Maul

Darth Maul is a former lord of the sith. He first appears in critically acclaimed "Star Wars: Episode 1" in which he fucken dies. Darth Maul has proven to be a hit among Star Wars fans and has gone on to become a pop culture icon - mainly cause he looks cool as fuck.


The only movie he's in

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Darth Maul looking pretty sweet

"Tatooine is sparsely populated. If the homing trace is correct, I will find them quickly, Master. At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge."
―Maul, his only line in the movie

So basically Darth Sidious is doing some important trade shit that apparently requires the attention of a sith lord. Darth decides to send his apprentice Darth Maul who looks pretty sweet on the hologram. He then shows up talking to Darth Sidious and says like his only line in the movie.

Tatooine (sparsely populated)

Sith Speeder Tatooine

Darth Maul's sick ride

Darth Maul shows up on Tatooine with a cool speeder. When he sees the Jedi planning to leave he drives his bike off a cliff and chases after them. After almost killing young Anakin Skywalker (and saving the galaxy) he has a small battle with Jedi Master - Qui Gon Jinn. The Jedi escape on their ship and Maul is left standing there like a tool.



Darth Maul realising he's a massive tit

Darth Maul then shows up at Naboo cause he's the bad guy and fights the heroes. After the best battle in the prequel trilogy Maul successfully kills Qui Gon Jinn and is left to face the young Obi Wan "High Ground" Kenobi. After Maul spectacularly fucks up Kenobi manages to cut Maul in half. Maul is sent down into a bottomless pit, seemingly to his death.

Life after Naboo

Maul managed to recover from his injuries and retired from Jedi business. He enrolled at a local college and earned a degree in software design.


Darth Maul coping with a normal life

Wait, he was in this Movie?!

After graduating, Maul's current job is a galactic telemarketer. He was last seen trying to pitch a girl a new lightsaber over Skype.


  • Expert lightsaber combatant
  • Master of the dark side
  • horny boy
  • incapable of dying
  • good at flips and shit


  • Flimsy robo-legs