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DC Comics or "Detective Comics Comics" is one of the largest comic book companies in the world. The Company owns some of the most iconic characters of all time, including Superman and Batman. Also the fandom's full of assholes.


  • The film that completely misunderstands what I think Superman should be. Hence, I will not rewatch the film to make sure that the complaints I have are valid.
  • The movie that completely sucked in theaters, but it's okay, because they released DLC for it, so it's awesome now... WHY THE LIVING F*CK DIDN'T THEY RELEASE THIS VERSION IN THEATERS?
  • The film that still needs to break 900 trillion dollars to break even.
  • The ONLY good one. Only one. Depends on who you ask, really. I mean, they weren't that bad. But, this movie is just so much... it's good.
  • OH! This one's decent....and....yeah...