"Have Kind and be Courage"


Early Life

Ella was once a happy little girl, with a loving family. She spent many days raising an army of animals to do her bidding and using witchcraft to rip clouds from the sky. However, she was happy at the beginning of the film, which meant she was in need of a major reality check as life kicked her in the ass and killed her mom. However, Ella decided to try to still be happy, so life had her dad marry one of evil's many forms shortly after. 

Still clinging to happiness and clearly not taking the hints that life had been giving her, her father bites the dust and her step mother moves her to the attic.

"Cinder" Ella

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According to the interviews, she's not a damsel in distress, so I guess that will count instead of having an interesting personality. Though she has courage and kindness. And that's it.

Powers & Abilities


  • Accelerated Thinking: She is able to sing an entire song in her mind in the span of a milisecond.